Xosten HSK Word Expert COPY

Xosten HSK Word Expert COPY

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Xosten HSK Word Expert is a tool which help user to prepare HSK test(Chinese Proficiency Test) and learn Chinese words in a short time. There are three main HSK vocabularys in this software. HSK Junior(Jia ji) vocabulary includes 1033 Chinese words. HSK Senior(Yi ji) vocabulary includes 2018 Chinese words. HSK Comprehensive(Bing ji) vocabulary includes 2202 Chinese words. The words in vocabulary are sorted by Chinese pronunciation and stroke. Most of the English explanations come from "A Dictionary of Chinese Usage: 8000 Words". You can hear Chinese speaking voice and make your own vocabularys when studying HSK words. You can remeber HSK words with listening its Chinese speaking voice.Furthermore,You can make your own vocabulary if you are a registered user. Of course,Even you can exchange your vocabulary files with other registered users who has some vocabulary files made by himself. Please go to http://www.xosten.com for more detail.


Xosten HSK Word Expert COPY は、 Xosten Workshopによって開発されたカテゴリ 教育 の Shareware ソフトウェアです。

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